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Our Approach

Fit for the Future Environments

Our buildings are precisely designed around exacting operational requirements derived from the outset. By the incorporation of the latest technologies we ensure our environments are as efficient, economical and comfortable as possible from a staffing and energy usage perspective. 

A huge focus is placed on thoughtfully designed public realm and external spaces for the enjoyment and wellbeing of residents, employees and visitors.

McGoff Construction

Our Approach

McGoff Construction in house design
In-house Team
Design & Build

Our dedicated in-house pre-construction team work closely with a select list of expert consultants to deliver the award-winning design of ‘fit for the future’ environments in both function and form.

MMC McGoff
Offsite Solutions

Our preferred method of construction utilises an offsite lightweight steel frame structure (metsec) delivered by our specialist subcontractor; Panacea Building Systems.

McGoff Community
Community Integration
CC Scheme

We subscribe to Considerate Constructor scheme, with numerous projects recognised for the innovative and responsible approach we have taken.

Our Approach

Focus on Sustainability

Our vision is to create a wholly sustainable approach to the built environment. By utilising an innovative, offsite solution for the majority of our new build schemes we are able to make this vision a reality. 

The offsite lightweight steel frame solution utilised by our specialist subcontractor Panacea Building Systems produces zero waste and has a low carbon footprint. Metframe also has high performance fire, acoustic and thermal benefits and is BIM Level 2 compliant. 

Our offsite framing projects are programmed and constructed up to 30 per cent faster than traditional construction, minimising disruption and allowing tight deadlines to be achieved. There can be up to 90 per cent fewer vehicle movements on site too – reducing noise, dust, congestion and carbon emissions.

Panacea care home model